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Iberian Wildlife Tours organises and leads top-quality natural history holidays throughout Spain and Portugal. For more than 20 years we've been guiding both for major European tour operators and for independent travellers.

We offer a range of departures throughout the year, varying in length from just half a day to two weeks. Our general natural history tours are complemented by a series of more specialised excursions dedicated to birds, butterflies, dragonflies and wildflowers... More

Violet Dropwing © Teresa Farino

Wildlife of Almería

May 2014
8-day tour

The arid badlands, varied coastal habitats and rugged mountains of the south-east corner of Spain are the perfect spring destination for the all-round naturalist, particularly rich in flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and some of Europe's most charismatic birds.

Details of the Almería wildlife trip…

Iberian Lynx © F. J. Garcia

Iberian Lynx and birds

Scheduled 7-day & 5-day tours; others by request
We visit the mammal and bird-rich Sierra de Andújar in Andalucía in search of the critically endangered Iberian lynx, in combination with the wealth of birdlife in either the La Mancha lakes (5 days) or the other lynx stronghold of Doñana National Park (7 days).

Iberian lynx tours info for 2014…

Roller in flight © Ramon Faura

Nature week in the Empordà region of Catalonia

21 – 25 April 2014
A chance to catch up with the best birds at the peak spring migration time. Also excellent flora, herptiles, etc. Places limited.

Tour details…

Sharp-ribbed Newt © Teresa Farino

Springtime in Extremadura

May 2014
8-day tour

A visit to Extremadura in spring surely has to rate as one of Europe's finest all-round wildlife experiences. This trip focuses on the profusion of flora, invertebrates, reptiles & amphibians & birds in the environs of the Monfragüe National Park and the Llanos de Cáceres.

Extremadura natural history tour details…

Central Spain birding
day & half-day trips

Birdwatching trips to Madrid, Extremadura, La Mancha and Castilla y Leon

Throughout 2014
Tailor-made birding tours in Madrid, Extremadura, La Mancha and Castilla y Leon to suit your requirements. All levels of knowledge catered for. Evening excursions & trips to special sites for the rarer species.

More about birding in central Spain…

Nature week in the pre-Pyrenees in Catalonia

Large Blue © Mike Lockwood

6 – 12 July 2014
The pre-Pyrenees at its best, with a trip to a spectacular private vulture-feeding station! Places limited.

Tour details…

Aetherie-Fritillary © Teresa Farino

Sierra de Grazalema

May – June 2014
8-day tour

Spectacular mountain scenery harbouring a diverse spring flora, butterflies galore and a fabulous selection of colourful Mediterranean birds & reptiles. Visits to the nearby wetlands of Espera and Fuente de Piedra will reward us with a superb range of wetland birds & dragonflies. Our 2012 trip report reveals all!

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Wildlife holidays for 2014

Our tour destinations this year, including those we run in conjunction with other operators, are shown on the map above. To find out more, simply click on the coloured region on this map or on the individual tour titles in the list below. Discover the best of Iberia's wildlife with us!

Wildlife tours in Catalunya: Nature week in L'EmpordàCatalonia Natural History Tours: Nature week in the pre-Pyrenees Picos de Europa: Daily Wildlife Walks • A Feast of Flowers • Butterflies and Moths of the Southern Valleys of the Picos de Europa • Natural History of the Picos de Europa and Páramos of Northern Castile • A family wildlife holiday in the Picos de Europa • Autumn moth weekends in the Picos de Europa Asturias wildlife tours: In Search of the Littlest Grizzly • Brown Bears, Birds & Butterflies in Somiedo and the Alto Sil Castilla y León wildlife tours: Natural History of the Picos de Europa and Páramos of Northern Castile Aragón wildlife tours: Spanish Pyrenees & Belchite Aragón wildlife tours: Spanish Pyrenees & Belchite • Spanish Pyrenees : The High Aragón • Spain - the Grand Tour! • Northern Spain : Wallcreepers and Cranes in Aragón Catalonia wildlife tours: Wildlife of the Catalan Pyrenees • Walking and wildlife in the eastern Pyrenees Castilla y León birding tours: Tailor-made birdwatching trips • Spain - the Grand Tour! Madrid birding tours: Tailor-made birdwatching trips • Birding in Madrid & La Mancha • Dragonflies and Butterflies of Madrid Gredos birding trips: Tailor-made wildlife watching trips • Extremadura & Gredos: in the wild west of Spain! Extremadura wildlife tours: Coto Doñana & Extremadura: the best of SW Spain in spring • Extremadura: birds, wildlife and scenery galore • Springtime in Extremadura • Extremadura & Gredos: in the wild west of Spain! • Spain - the Grand Tour! • Dragonflies, Birds & Butterflies • Extremadura : Winter birding bonanza! • Tailor-made birdwatching trips La Mancha wildlife tours: Tailor-made birdwatching trips • Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andújar & La Mancha • Birding in Madrid & La Mancha Andalucia wildlife tours: Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andújar & La Mancha Andalucia wildlife tours: Coto Doñana & Extremadura: the best of SW Spain in spring • Spain - the Grand Tour! •  Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andújar & Doñana Andalucia wildlife tours: Sierra de Grazalema • Autumn in Andalucía Andalucia wildlife tours: Autumn in Andalucía • Strait of Gibraltar (W Europe's main bird migration funnel) Canary Islands wildlife tours: Spring in the Western Canaries • Canary Islands : endemic land birds, seabirds and other wildlife Andalucia natural history tours: Wildlife of Almería   Tours throughout Spain   Asturias tours   Picos de Europa tours   Aragon tours   Catalonia tours   Castilla y Leon tours   Madrid tours   Extremadura tours   Castilla - La Mancha tours   Andalucia tours   Canary Islands tours

IWT blog

Spain Lynx Quest - March 2014 Trip Report
Spain Lynx Quest - March 2014 Trip Report
A summary of my recent tour covering Andújar and Doñana to successfully look for the exquisite and endangered Iberian Lynx.... More

Extremadura - Winter birding bonanza! : Jan 2014 Trip Report
Extremadura - Winter birding bonanza! : Jan 2014 Trip Report
Highlights of some of the long list of sightings on an 8-day tour to the bird-rich plains, mountains and wetlands of Extremadura in January 2014... More

Nature weeks Catalonia
Nature weeks Catalonia
The first clients for Mike's two nature weeks in Catalonia have already booked up. For the latest news on the two areas - L'Empordà in NE Catalonia and the Pallars Jussà in the pre-Pyrenees, read on ...... More

John's 2014 tour dates
John's 2014 tour dates
The IWT site is now updated with most of my 2014 tour dates and this is to provide a quick preview of what and where I'll be visiting next year. Please feel free to take a browse around!... More

Teresa's 2014 tour dates
Teresa's 2014 tour dates
Stop Press!
The IWT website has now been updated with our 2014 tours, and bookings are coming in thick and fast!
Here's a summary of the many and varied trips that Teresa will be organising and leading next year.... More

John Muddeman

John Muddeman

A professional tour guide, writer and scientific translator, with a lifelong interest in diverse aspects of natural history. He lives the Madrid mountains and guides organised groups throughout Iberia, Europe and further afield.

Teresa Farino

Teresa Farino

An all-round naturalist with a special interest in the wildflowers, butterflies and moths of the Iberian peninsula. She lives in the Picos de Europa and has been leading wildlife holidays in Spain and Portugal since 1989.

Mike Lockwood

Mike Lockwood

A seasoned naturalist currently working in Catalonia on bird, butterfly and dragonfly studies. He lives in Catalonia and leads wildlife and walking tours for various companies and private groups.

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