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Pronged Clubtail in western Madrid and Ávila!

Pronged Clubtail in western Madrid and Ávila! John Muddeman
Fieldwork for a birdwatching tourism project leads to the pleasant discovery of this scarce species, simultaneously, in the provinces of Madrid and Ávila!

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Dragonflies and Damselflies, Endangered Wildlife and Habitats | Castile-Leon, Madrid | Mainland Spain, Central Spain

Lesser Purple Emperor in Cantabria

Lesser Purple Emperor in Cantabria Teresa Farino
Observation of this magnificent butterfly - by all accounts a rarity in the Cordillera Cantábrica - in the environs of the Picos de Europa

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Butterflies and Moths | Cantabria | Mainland Spain, Northern Spain

White-clawed Crayfish in western Cantabria

White-clawed Crayfish in western Cantabria Teresa Farino
Surprising locality for this endangered crustacean: a small 'reservoir' on the southern margins of the Picos de Europa.

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Other Invertebrates, Endangered Wildlife and Habitats | Cantabria | Mainland Spain, Northern Spain

Sooty Orange Tip in northern Palencia

Sooty Orange Tip in northern Palencia Teresa Farino
On 2 June, whilst leading a day trip focussing on the butterflies of northern Palencia, I was absolutely amazed to observe a female Sooty Orange Tip (Zegris eupheme) close to the top of the limestone sculpture city known as Las Tuerces, south-east of Aguilar de Campóo.

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Butterflies and Moths | Castile-Leon | Mainland Spain, Northern Spain

Trabut’s Limodore at last!

Trabut’s Limodore at last! Teresa Farino
After some 15 years of searching the evergreen oak woodlands of Liébana every spring, I eventually located my first ever Trabut’s Limodores (Limodorum trabutianum) this May.

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Flora | Cantabria | Mainland Spain, Northern Spain

Summary of the Picos de Europa Lepidoptera Study, 2009

Summary of the Picos de Europa Lepidoptera Study, 2009 Teresa Farino
Between February and November 2009 we recorded 115 species of butterfly and 311 macromoths in the Picos de Europa and surrounding area, in the process adding nineteen new macromoths to our list for the region.

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Butterflies and Moths, Endangered Wildlife and Habitats | Asturias, Cantabria, Castile-Leon | Mainland Spain, Northern Spain

Wildlife of Almería

Wildlife of Almería Teresa Farino
Fancy escaping from the British winter? There are still a few places left on IWT’s forthcoming week-long tour to south-eastern Spain (15 – 22 April 2010).

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Flora, Butterflies and Moths, Dragonflies and Damselflies, Other Invertebrates, Reptiles, Birds | Andalusia | Mainland Spain, Southern Spain

Spanish Bird List

Spanish Bird List John Muddeman
The official Spanish bird list dates from 2005, and we provide an updated provisional list (up to March 2010) covering the categories A-D.

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Birds | Mainland Spain, Spanish Islands

Spanish moths commemorated in newly issued stamps

Spanish moths commemorated in newly issued stamps Teresa Farino
On 20 January 2010, the Spanish Postal authorities (Correos) delighted Lepidoptera enthusiasts in the country by issuing stamps depicting two Iberian day-flying moths: Artimelia latreillei and Zygaena rhadamanthus.

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Butterflies and Moths | La Rioja | Mainland Spain, Mainland Portugal

Autumn narcissi in south-west Iberia

Autumn narcissi in south-west Iberia Teresa Farino
A fabulous display of Autumn Narcissus (Narcissus serotinus) and Narcissus cavanillesii by the Río Guadiana, on the Spanish–Portuguese border.

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Flora, Endangered Wildlife and Habitats | Andalusia, Extremadura, Alentejo | Mainland Spain, Southern Spain, Western Spain, Mainland Portugal, Southern Portugal

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